247 WildMan Bow Carrier

  • Revolutionary design!
  • Converts to a treestand saddle for easy, conveinient storage and access
  • Large pouches for maximum storage
  • Fits onto bow in five seconds!
  • Silent outer shell material prevents noisey movement
  • Protects bowstrings
  • Comfortable shoulder strap
  • Two tow line attachments on each end
  • Waterproof inner shell
  • Fully adjustable for any bow
  • Four large storage pockets

S11 WildMan Fly Braided Bowsling

  • This Wildman Braided sling is from nylon cord and leather. The camo colors will blend with any bow. Will fit any bow with a stabilizer insert

S12 WildMan Fly Bowsling

  • Fully adjustable bowsling made of 1” wide polypropylene webbing for strength and durability. Features an adjustable buckle with Fly bracket. Includes stabilizer mount to allow changing of stabilizer or bowreel without removing the sling.

S14 WildMan Fly Bowsling
with Fleece Collar

  • Popular Fly Bowsling now features a fleece-wrapped strap for added warmth and comfort. Black webbing and fleece collar

1230 WildMan Cordura
Hunting Armguard
with Quick-Snap Fasteners

  • Built-in 1” flexible strengthening core provides the archer with additional arm protection
  • Innovative new Quick-Snap fasteners make installation, detaching, and adjustment easier than ever!
  • Comfortable genuine
    leather backing
  • Durable Cordura facing

WV250 WildMan
Fury Vanes

  • Made from the most durable compound EVER!
  • Hunting profile vane
  • Superb adhesion
  • Compatible with all capture and fall away style
  • Innovative high-tech design for accurate and
    stable broadhead flight, with reduced mass
    weight for maximized speed
  • Available in 6 Colors

9211 WildMan
Maxbond Cement

  • Wildman MaxBond Glue 20gm (.70z) Bottle


182 WildMan Speed Lizard

  • String vibration dampening
    The Speed Lizard is made of Omega V dampening material, which is lab tested and proven to eliminate vibration. It is soft, pliable, and tough.

  • Additional vibration reduction
    Maximizing string surface area contact with the VEM material is the key to the Speed Lizard’s superior reduction of string vibration and oscillation after the shot.

  • Maintains Speed
    Adding weight near the cam, the Speed Lizard acts as a speed button preventing speed loss.


1670 WildMan
Round-A-Bout Stabilizer

  • Free floating shock absorber
  • Horizontal & vertical fins help dampen vibration in all directions
  • Five inches of shock eliminating Omega V material
  • Solid lever tightening hole
  • Feel the difference with up front bow contact


133 WildMan D-Loop

  • Includes 3 pre-cut lengths of top quality BCY loop material and complete installation instructions with photos.


1600 WildMan Quick Dip
Arrow Wrap

  • Customize your arrows with this vinyl wrap with self-adhesive backing. Easy to install, 7” long. Available in three reflective colors; Red (21), Yellow (22), and White (23): and nine bright colors; Black (01), White (02), Yellow (03), Blue (04), Red (05), Green (06), Purple (10), Pink (14), and Orange (28).


3910R WildMan
Camo Fast 4 Quiver

  • The Fast Four Quiver has 2 Integrated V.E.M.’s to capture and annihilate game spooking vibrations and noise. The rubber hood insert securely holds field points and broadheads by the tip, to ensure your broadheads stay razor sharp for that moment of truth…The newly redesigned dual arrow clips hold your arrows more secure than any other quiver in its class, yet allows for fast and effortless arrow removal. Finishing off the quiver is the new Realtree APG™ camo pattern. To keep you hidden in any environment…


  • Hard hood for safety and soft insert for broadhead protection.
  • Quiver set back over hand for better balance and less arm fatigue.
  • Built-in Vibration Dampening.
  • Up & down sliding adjustment for vertical positioning.
  • Easy-on/easy-off push button release.
  • Patented arrow clip for large and small diameter arrows.
  • Reversible; works on right or left hand bows.
  • 5 Year Guarantee.


3911R WildMan Camo
2x4 Quiver with
Two Piece Bracket

  • The all-new two piece 2x4 quiver is the next step in the evolution of arrow quivers. Two Vibration Escape Modules are perfectly placed in the quiver bracket to disrupt vibration and shock. The weight of the quiver is off-set to give your bow perfect balance and feel. Patented dual arrow grippers secure the arrow at both ends, and readily accepts small and large diameter arrow shafts. Uses new Quiver Lock system. Realtree® APG™.


415R WildMan Camo
4-Arrow Bow Quiver

  • Made of injection molded plastic with dovetail mount and tightening knob. Length 11 3/8”. Weighs 8 oz. Realtree® APG™.


3905R WildMan Camo
8-Arrow Direct Mount

  • Durable and lightweight quiver design mounts directly to risers that are equipped with threaded quiver mount holes. Easy to attach and detach. Carries eight arrows. Weighs 9.5 oz. Realtree® APG™.


3908R WildMan Camo
5-Arrow Quiver

  • This new lightweight 5-arrow quiver features a camouflage hood. Mounting bracket allows vertical or angled positioning. Arrow clip holds either aluminum or carbon arrows. A sure winner!
    Weighs 10.5 oz. Realtree® APG™.


491 WildMan
Firestar LE Sight

  • The Firestar LE Sight delivers top performance and reliability for an affordable price. An extended sight bar adds to accuracy. Windage and horizontal adjustments are held solidly, with an all-aluminum constructed frame. You just can’t beat this sight!

2965 WildMan Mantis
Capture Rest

  • New from Wildman! The new Mantis Capture Rest provides full capture and enclosure of the arrow, while providing complete vane clearance. Total vane clearance means no drag, no loss of speed and no vane wear. Soft overmolding makes this the quietest rest you'll ever shoot.

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